A Jay observed in the study
A Jay observed in the study

Colour research

Nature's unique way of controlling colour explains why birds never go grey

21 December 2015: Our scientists have discovered why birds never go grey, which could pave the way for the creation of paints and clothing colours that won’t fade over time.

Why birds never go grey

Climate research

Arctic cold season methane emissions much higher than predicted

21 December 2015: The Arctic tundra releases more methane in winter than previously thought.

Methane emissions
A coastline at the Arctic tundra
A selection of photos captured from across the University

Review of the year

Looking back on a year to remember at the University

21 December 2015: We look back on what has been a great year for the University.

A year to remember

Expert comment

What next for carbon capture and storage ... and why it still matters

Our carbon capture expert discusses why it’s important for fighting climate change and ensuring UK energy security.

What our experts say
A cooling tower at an energy facility

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